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by Trashed

Released on July 29th, Memories, the latest single from Bristol-based emo pop-punk trio Trashed is a break up song about a snapped heart being pulled apart by naivety. Pairing emotive heart-on-sleeve lyrics with catchy melodies and distorted guitar riffs, the track is the perfect heartbreak anthem.

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by Same Mistakes

Hey, we're Same Mistakes. We were formed in 2019 after a night of chain smoking and live music. We have been influenced by such a mix of genres and artists and this song highlights our unique sound.

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No More TV

by D16

Hey! We are D16! A female fronted punk rock band from Athens, Greece. We play punk rock. Meaning simplicity, loudness, intensity and 3 chord melodies with heavy distortion. A romantic fusion of rock n roll and punk sound, as it was first introduced, and since haunted our adolescence, by the Ramones.

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Hey all, we're a Kent based band that play loud fuzzy music "Likened to grunge and sludge bands of a mostly bygone era, Hounding pairs thick visceral riffing with morose and ariose Corgan-esque howling in the unholiest of matrimony"

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