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by Class Tourists

Hi, We’re Class Tourists, a diy hardcore/ska punk band from Yorkshire, UK. THREE FIVE is about weed. With that context, the lyrics are self-explanatory!

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American Youth

by Arm the Poor

Hey there! Would like to share with you our latest single, American Youth! It's a guitar frenzied story of two American kids swept up in the debris of urban sprawl. Hope you dig!

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52 Demons

by The Shifty Grifts

Hi! Were a skapunk band from Prague, and we just released our first album! We try to write music that is political and has an opinion, but is also personal, is about our everyday struggles, and is something people can relate to and channel their frustration through, but also have a good skank to :D

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Legal Disaster

We're Legal Disaster from Petaluma, CA! We're play Ska-Core/Ska-Punk as fast and energetically as we can!

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The Infested

The Infested are punk/ska band from hailing from Leeds, UK 'Believe' is the first track from the album 'Raw Ensemble' (the band's 3rd album) which is due for release this year (date TBC)

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