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Endless Breath

by Sean Nolan and The Heartmakers

Hey guys, we're Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers, a rock - pop punk band from Brooklyn, NY. We've just released our new record, titled “The Machineries of Joy”. We hope you'll like it, thanks for your time :)

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War World

by Char-Man

Char-Man has been an actively playing and releasing music in Ventura County Since 2003. New Album Power of The Night is the culmination and a new direction. Members have been in Annihilation Time, Lecherous Gaze, and Nails.

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The Depender

by King Bull

Hey, This is our second single release from our upcoming ep! The song offers a unique and almost always overlooked perspective from your best pal that can never seem to scrounge enough change to pitch for booze and fuel but on your worst days it’s them that’s always brought a smile back to your face

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We are Sisteray, four boys from East London and like to think we tell it how it is through our songs. No.1 is we LOVE playing live. Last year we had great reation to our 15 Minutes project - exactly 15 minutes of our new recorded music 5 songs edited to the second. About to unleash our new EP

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