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The Foreigner

by Round Eye

"The Foreigner" is a celebration of our signature blend of 50s R&B, Free-Jazz and Punk. It shows our loves of outre icons as the Stooges, Captain Beefheart, Dr. Feelgood, and The Fall.

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War World

by Char-Man

Char-Man has been an actively playing and releasing music in Ventura County Since 2003. New Album Power of The Night is the culmination and a new direction. Members have been in Annihilation Time, Lecherous Gaze, and Nails.

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Mixed Kid Fridays

We're Mixed Kid Fridays, and we love you! Do you love us? Let's find out together. Though we're brand new to the L.A. punk scene, our track "Summer Song" broke two million plays on SoundCloud in just a few days. So, check us out! We're mixed kid tested, mother disapproved.

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