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by Mouth Culture

hey! we're Mouth Culture, we're an alt/indie rock band from Leicester (UK). we've just released our new track 'sink' and we think you'll dig it. it's a hectic blend of 80's influenced alternative guitars and synths with big vocals and drums that smack you in the face, it bangs. come give us a try x

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Muddy Waters

by Pale Oaks

Hi guys! This is our first single from our upcoming album that will be out later this year. Musically we draw from a lot of artists we love like Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Mew, & many more! Lyrically it deals with mental health issues, specifically depression & how it affects every relationship one has.

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Hoax Paradise

Hi, we're Hoax Paradise, an indie rock band hailing from Paris, France! We recently released our new EP, “Well, Nobody’s Perfect”. You'll find below one of the tracks, named “Ground Control”. Hope you'll like it!

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