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Dance in Flames


We are DEAD MEMORY from the heart of the Pott, a colloquial name for the Ruhr region in Germany. "Dance in Flames" of the upcoming EP "Awake" is a unique mixture of heavy rock and modern metal. The lyrics encourage you to see the positive in life, even when everything around you is on fire.

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by Vaughanstrosity

I am VAUGHANSTROSITY, and I have a debut EP, Memes And Dreams, out on Friday 27th January 2023. Prior to the launch of the check out new single and video, fl0w. Hit up the video, here - .

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Every Second

by Rebuild The Past

Rebuild The Past is a fresh and purposeful metalcore band that does not try to be careful when writing Arrangements, lyrics and riffs, anything that sounds good goes into release. inspired by the complexity of life, texts reflect the problems, Faced with which you will find like-minded people

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Low Class Warrior

by Black Vizard

Hello, my name is Black Vizard, and this is a track from my debut EP, a mixture of contemporary hip hop and metal, this track is big and groovy, and i hope you guys enjoy.

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The Ethereal & I

We are The Ethereal & I, and this is the music video for our first single Sovereign. We hope you enjoy it!

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Facing the Gallows

Simply put, the song is about getting OTJ (on the jol). The lyrics speak about living for yourself in the present, and going balls to the wall partying. We tried to capture this by shooting a full blown, good ol fashioned, house party filled with our closest friends that have always supported us.

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