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We Eat the Buffalo

by Radio Aftermath

From the enigmatic first chord through to its head shaking climax, We Eat the Buffalo is a marriage of hook laden riffs & choruses, full of energy and immediacy. This is all underpinned by hard-hitting drums, driving bass lines, and creative lead guitar work.

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Hoodie, Man!

by The Surrealists

The Surrealists are a Leicester-based quartet that fuse the sheer aggression of post-hardcore and noise music with the infectious melodies of pop and alternative rock. 'Hoodie, Man!' is the first single from their upcoming debut album 'Dali Was A Fascist'. It's probably about the working class.

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The Hyena Kill

“It's basically one massive mood swing. The first half of the track is quite upbeat and riffy and ends with a screaming your lungs out meltdown. It has some of my favourite lyrics I've ever written dealing with sex, desire, manipulation and self-loathing'" - Steven Dobb

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