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Fake Tats

by Radio for Pets

Sup nerds, we are Radio for Pets! This is our new song called Fake Tats, our little love letter to every beautiful fleeting summer. If you like the track you can find the music video on YouTube, and if you REALLY like the song follow us on your favorite streaming service! Our new ep drops June 17th!

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Thank You

by Everett Tea

Hey!! We're Everett Tea and we're from Portland, Oregon! We are a pop-punk/alt-rock band with influences from metal, pop-punk, indie pop, Midwest emo, and alt-rock mixed together into your tea bag, and hopefully your ear buds. ;) We hope you enjoy our single, 'Thank You', from our upcoming EP!!

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by Ryan Christopher

Hey guys, my name's Ryan Christopher and I'm an aspiring artist on the Orlando scene. I really hope you enjoy the music and it helps at least someone like it did me. Thank you guys!

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