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Thank You

by Everett Tea

Hey!! We're Everett Tea and we're from Portland, Oregon! We are a pop-punk/alt-rock band with influences from metal, pop-punk, indie pop, Midwest emo, and alt-rock mixed together into your tea bag, and hopefully your ear buds. ;) We hope you enjoy our single, 'Thank You', from our upcoming EP!!

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Il Mondo, l'Universo e Tutto Quanto

by Dispersi

'Il Mondo, l'Universo e Tutto Quanto' (The World, the Universe and Everything else) is a track that speaks about the introspection and incommunicability in a society full of connections but without bonds; the noise between our true self and our masks.

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Be Strong

by Playburst

Hailing from Malaysia, Playburst is a new outfit formed in 2019, united by the band members' love of 90s midwest emo, math rock and all the colours of punk rock and hardcore. "Be Strong" is a track off their self titled debut EP, which was just released on June 10, 2019 on Bandcamp.

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