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Let Go

by Beetlehead

Hi, our album comes out on Friday the 1st of December, this band features ex members of the naughties post-hardcore band Secondsmile who were signed to Big Scary Monsters records, we are all older now, but we still like... to play. Thank you for your time. Olly

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Decades like Seconds

by Afterburn

Hey, we're Afterburn. This is our 3rd EP but a bit of a shift from our previous EP's. Our first releases were "Open Eyes Long Blinded" and the 7" "Weight of the World" which were straight up fast hardcore punk, with the change of a few members we've headed in a more post-hardcore sound.

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by Fussy

Hey, we're Fussy from Leeds, UK. Born from a love of punk-rock, hardcore and everything in between. Our debut single, "Dopamine" was written because we wanted write something you could simultaneously stage dive, head bang and singing your heart out to. Enjoy!

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