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The Lie We've Built

by 95th street

Helloooo! This is a big song post breakup leading to the dark night of the soul and further Awakening. It has to do with the mirror theory and how 2 narcissists have to deal with that.

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Back Home

by Back On Earth

"Back Home" is one of the tracks off the EP "Brand New Day" released last November, and follows the latest single of the same name, a duet with Telltale, which had previous support from Spotify's All New Rock and Frog 'n' Roll editorial playlists.

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Future Me

by Winona Avenue

We are Winona Avenue and 'Future Me' is about how you wish you would have previously known how everything would end up working out and about questioning why you thought you knew everything in the first place. It is a song about humility, patience, and triumph.

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Audio for Gemini

Audio For Gemini here. The songs will hopefully say more than this introduction but here is a song writing rule I won't break: in an effort to stick in your head, write a good fucking chorus. Enjoy

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