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The Lie We've Built

by 95th street

Helloooo! This is a big song post breakup leading to the dark night of the soul and further Awakening. It has to do with the mirror theory and how 2 narcissists have to deal with that.

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Favourite Disaster

by Lunar Hijack

Hello World, we're Lunar Hijack from Birmingham. This is a track from our debut EP "Space & Time". "Favourite Disaster" is about being in a relationship with someone that, deep down, you know wasn't right but still having feelings for them. Hope you like it!

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Right Where You Want Me

by happy place

Hello! My artist name is "happy place". This is the first song I recorded for this project and would love for you to check it out. More music is coming soon! :)

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Worked Up

What up fellow punks?! We are Worked Up. Hailing from just north of Los Angeles (SFV represent!), we are a four-piece Pop Punk band. Our music is slightly sardonic, slightly self-loathing, and always centered around a combination of catchiness and energy. Thanks for listening!

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Inner 29

Hey! We're a Brazil based pop-punk/emo band called Inner 29. Our main goal as a band is making music that adds something good to people's lives. This is our debut single.

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Northern Factory

Hey everyone! This is our very first music video and a single from the album called "Seasons on Paper". This is something that'll definitely remind you of the mid 2000's music, which I love the most. Hope you like it!

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