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From Buffalo, this is Hyperview with some Pop Punk, easy core, Emo

  • Pop Punk, easy core, Emo

Neon Wristbands

by Hyperview

We are a pop punk band from Buffalo, NY. We've been trying to get this banger out there for everyone to listen to and if you like NFG, TSSF, FYS, and Blink 182, then this song is for you. If you're looking for a new band to put on your radar, then this is it!

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Our verdict

Hyperview offer fans of easycore plenty to be excited about with Neon Wristbands. It's catchy and modern production makes it stylish. The song isn't one-dimensional either with breathing space during the mid section. You can hear their influences a mile-off, but it's a funpacked ride.

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