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Talk Too Much

by Primes

Alternative rock outfit Primes' latest release, 'Talk Too Much' was released on Friday! 'Talk Too Much' is the second single release of Primes' upcoming debut EP 'Colour', which is due for release later this year.

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Green Light Makes You Feel Better

by Noisy Vertigo

Behind Noisy Vertigo there I am, Clément Pévrier, a passionate musician who loves Punk rock and grunge music. The core inspiration for my music is what’s the closest to my heart, rock music: Nirvana, The Subways, The Vines, The Hives, Dirty Rodeo...

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Milk and Vinegar

by bigfatbig

We are bigfatbig: a three-piece girl band based in North-East England. We released our third single, Milk and Vinegar, on September 3rd, and we would really love for you to consider us for a feature on Punktastic. The track is about how important finding non-romantic soulmates is to us.

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So Much Better

by The Fades

South West London’s favourite group of home-grown punk rock troubadours, The Fades, unleash their first new songs in four years – the perfect soundtrack to accompany our tragicomic march into oblivion with brand new music in the form of 'So Much Better'

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The Hospital Flowers

Hello! We are The Hospital Flowers. We make loud, energetic & raw music, influenced by many amazing artist of the past, trying to create our own sound. We just got our second single out and we hope that you can rock it as loud as possible.

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