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by Promise Game

Hey all, we're Promise Game from New Hampshire. This is our new single "Connecticut". This song was written about a less than ideal day on tour back in May. It was such a memorable day - for all the wrong reasons that we encapsulated it in a song.

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Push Start (Everybody Knows)

by Zachary Ross and The Divine

Zachary Ross and The Divine release “Push Start (Everybody Knows)" from their EP “Rebuilding Heaven” coming out on September 9th. The track shines a light on a new side of Zac's repertoire with an alt-rock flair and pop sensibilities after his previous stint in pop-punk defenders Man Overboard.

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Far From Perfect

by Neverlyn

We hope you enjoy our new single and music video, Far From Perfect ft. Zac Eisenstein of Man Overboard. Our new album, 'Beauty Sleep' is out now on Manic Kat Records!

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Worked Up

What up fellow punks?! We are Worked Up. Hailing from just north of Los Angeles (SFV represent!), we are a four-piece Pop Punk band. Our music is slightly sardonic, slightly self-loathing, and always centered around a combination of catchiness and energy. Thanks for listening!

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