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by Sturle Dagsland

Hey! Wanted to try you on the Norwegian throat singer, Sturle Dagsland who's to release his debut self-titled album on February 5, 2021 – we just announced the record today with the first single "Kusanagi".

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In Bed With Humanity

by Dom Goodchild the Void Starer

Dom Goodchild the Void Starer is a new Coventry artist whose music is a dark visceral stream of consciousness laid over guitar feedback and a drum machine. He is influenced by black metal but his sound has punk's irreverent attitude.

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BIG | BRAVE are releasing their fourth full length "A Gaze Among Them" on Southern Lord, 10 May. Exploring the terrains of experimental rock with a clear focus on the key principles of space, volume, and raw emotion and the balance of these dynamics.

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