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Acres of Love

by Bastions

Seven years on from playing their final note onstage and unexpectedly ceasing all activity, seminal UK alternative hardcore band Bastions have returned. 'Acres of Love' is the second single from the forthcoming record 'Majestic Desolation'. Out through Church Road Records 29.07.22. Pre-order now!

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The Sabre

by Fatalist

We're Fatalist. We channel our anger at the injustice, ideological austerity, racism, colonialism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and animal cruelty that we live in into noise. Our new track "The Sabre" is a visceral reaction to the above.

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by Turn against

We are Turn Against, a DIY hardcore punk group formed in 2010. We have just released our fourth CD 'Memori', an EP comprising three Italian hardcore songs with post-hardcore influences.

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