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Bills and Pills

by The Clockworks

We are Alan McGee's latest signing to Creation23, The Clockworks. Bills & Pills has a strong, punchy dynamic, and brilliantly blended intense post-punk music with snarling kitchen sink observations. The track has an uncontrived, hooky chorus which will stick in your head for days!

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Louser is an emo/grunge band from Winnipeg Canada. Formed in early 2017 they spent most of the year writing and recording their debut EP.

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Ruben Vine

Story based Limited Edition 2LP accompanied by a 28 page comic narrated by the renowned actor Michael Jayston.

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Hey guys, just thought you may enjoy our newest album...cheers! Melodic Punk from Toronto!

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High Fidelity

Power trio from Madrid, Spain. Catchy fast tunes with teenage bad poetry.

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