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From Manchester, United Kingdom, this is The Sewer Cats with some Garage punk

  • Garage punk

Create & Rebel

by The Sewer Cats

Hi all, we're The Sewer Cats, a punk duo from Manchester full of furry fury! 'Create & Rebel' is from our debut EP 'Zelda', released in April on Hell Hath No Fury Records. It's about rejecting the milestones society asks us to tick off and instead creating things just for the sake of it.


Manchester, United Kingdom


Hell Hath No Fury

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Our verdict

Punchy, thrashing and provocative, there's nothing not to love about this. The slow, melodious introduction eventually builds into a furious conclusion of distortion, unclean vocals and high-speed dissonance. Purrfect for anyone needing new garage punk sounds in their lives.

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