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From London, this is The Kanz with some Punk Rock, Alternative / Electronic

  • Punk Rock, Alternative / Electronic


by The Kanz

Our music combines the alternative punk rock style of the new century influenced by electronic music with synth and special effects. We play punk rock shows with alternative electronic rock songs, deep emotional tunes and party vibes.




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Our verdict

The track has a very Scandinavian rock sound to it – we could imagine it scoring points at the eurovision song contest. Thematically, 'Relativism' is deep and genuine, addressing the commonly experienced struggle with perception versus reality. Boldly pulling from a number of contrasting musical influences, the song does feel overwhelming at times. This takes away from the lyrics, mirroring the existential subject of the song.

Says lead singer Fabio Nania, "'Relativism' is a song that's written about the struggle of labelling what's true and what's false, what's right and what's wrong, what's real and what's illusion. The crisis of the human being is screamed out into a long rock anthem underlying the fragility of our opinions and the missing truth that we keep on looking for.”

'Relativism' is their debut single, and you can follow the Kanz on Facebook and Instagram as they continue to play high-energy gigs around the London circuit.

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