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From Zagreb (Croatia), this is Seven Mouldy Figs with some Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock

  • Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock

Ballad of Always and Never

by Seven Mouldy Figs

Hello, we are Seven Mouldy Figs (7MF), alt-rock band coming from Zagreb, Croatia. We are proudly presenting you our new single "Ballad of Always and Never". It is a song about a love that is and can never be. Also, it is the first single of our upcoming album. Hope you'll like it!


Zagreb (Croatia)


DOP Records

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Our verdict

Fans of progressive rock rejoice. There's a lot to enjoy on this track from Seven Mouldy Figs. Snappy shuffling drums and a hypnotic vocal plunge you into its strange world, but that's only the beginning. The left-turn at the song's midpoint sends you down a druggy avenue there's no escaping from. A hugely entertaining ride.

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