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From South Wales, this is Ignitemares with some pop punk

  • pop punk

Letters To Lauras

by Ignitemares

Hello! We are Ignitemares - an anxious welsh punk trio! "Letters To Lauras" is our first single and it's about two different 'Lauras', the first is Laura Jane Grace of 'Against Me!' fame, the other is a family member. Soft vocals but fierce music, it's personal, fun and catchy - We hope you like it!


South Wales


Smash Mouse Records

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Our verdict

Ignitemares have created an instantly likable track with 'Letters To Lauras'. Its catchy, charming chorus feels like an old friend and there's a fuzzy blast of lead guitar to keep you on your toes. With its warm guitar sounds and upbeat sensbilities, you can't help but sway along. Fans of DIY punk bands like Martha will find a lot to enjoy here.

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