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From Brighton, this is Harker with some Emo/Shoegaze/Punk

  • Emo/Shoegaze/Punk

The Beast Must Die

by Harker

Harker here! We're excited to be sharing the first single from our new album Axiom (April 23rd). The Beast Must Die is based on the idea of Mono-consciousness by Colin Wilson, who focused on striving to live with a heightened sense of meaning and avoiding a closed mindset. Plus noise! We like noise.




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Our verdict

Another band from Brighton, it's got that distorted DIY sound that resonates throughout the city. Whilst some bands have that 'Brighton Band' label on name alone, Harker have the sound down too. Gritty, melodious and harmonies that sit more cohesively than jelly and ice cream, this is a track that should be played loud enough to wake up the neighbours.

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