The Pickup

From Buffalo, NY, this is Alpha Hopper with some No-wave, weirdo hardcore, free punk.

  • No-wave, weirdo hardcore, free punk.


by Alpha Hopper

Hi. ALPHA HOPPER here. We make a kind of guitar-driven rock'n'roll punk that comes off as weirdo no-wave wanna be hardcore. A dark wall of sound punctuated by catchy, cryptic vocals. Intense but still fun. Check out our 2nd LP "Aloha Hopper" out June 22nd


Buffalo, NY


Not yet signed

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Our verdict

If you miss old skool 90s math rock and noise rock like The Jesus Lizard, Unwound, and Drive Like Jehu, then you may well want to listen to Alpha Hopper, whose sound can transport you back to that time and scene. The band really stood out to us when we heard it, and we hope they have that effect on you too.

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