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Her Glow

by Konarucchi

Hi everybody, I'm Konarucchi and this is my debut single! It's been in the works for over a year, and I'm very excited to have it out and share it with everyone. The track plays with different styles of music, and is dedicated to my beautiful little new niece.

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Hey guys, We're SIGHTS from Osaka, Japan. Check out our new track "Found" from our upcoming EP "Back To Life"

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Turn Me Loose

by John Demena

Hi Folks! This is John DeMena, a rock artist based out of Los Angeles. I'd like to share my new single 'Turn Me Loose' with you. Hope you dig it and play it loud!

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Settle Down

by Holy Smokes

Hey all, we are Holy Smokes bringing Punk to 70’s Rock since 2016. Our new Ep 'For All Intents' dropped on Jan 31st we are stoked to share this track with you and hope it leads you down a rabbit hole. Thanks for checking us out ~Holy Smokes~

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What You Want

by Elessar

Hey we're Elessar and this is our track 'What You Want'. Have a listen and prepare to have it on repeat for days!

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No Ticket

We are No Ticket, a 3 piece Punk Band from the North East of England. We just released our first single "Confidence" from our debut EP "Distractions"

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IOTA formed in Bristol late 2017. Since their formation, IOTA have been touring around the UK and selling out headline shows at popular Bristol venues such as ‘The Crofters Rights’ and ‘Thunderbolt’. They have also been taking UK festivals by storm.

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Forlorn Hope

Historical metal five-piece FORLORN HOPE have just revealed an explosive new track, 'Rifles', which has been taken from their forthcoming debut album, Over The Hills, out on Friday 26th July 2019

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L Sicario

We are L Sicario, we play a funky old blend of rock and roll and desert rock that belies our big city roots. This is our new single 'Innocence' and it is pretty badass.

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The Rundays

We are The Rundays, a rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece. We want to inform you about the release of our 2nd LP "Psycall". This album is an inner call to the band's psyche. Sliding hence into a darker and more psychedelic path, we will take you to a trip to the unexplored places of your minds.

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Cascade, the rock band from Guildford, Surrey UK, have recently released their new stand-out single, ‘Are We Insane?’ and it is a definite rocker. Full of grunge and edge, suitable grittiness but still accessible, we feel we've found a solid hit with this one.

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Sam Valdez

Hey there, listen to my new single Turn. It's about the feeling of not being respected by others and learning how to represent yourself and your values. Thanks so much!

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Fagash McCann

So we're Fagash McCann, a two piece from the sticks of Northern Ireland. Our band consists of just bass and drums. When we're not writing in a garage somewhere, we're dragging ourselves to gigs in a battered old Peugeot. Our debut single 'Nervo' is out and we'd love if you checked it out. Thanks!

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Travis Marc

We are very excited to share music from Travis Marc's solo album (from Dead Days) with all parts recorded by him alone (vocals, guitar, drums).

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Glory Days

Hello! We're Glory Days. We're a pop punk band from the northwest suburbs of Chicago! We've been a band since 2016 when we released our debut EP. Since then, we recently released 2 more singles. We make music that sounds like early 2000s pop punk (think Green Day, Yellowcard, The Starting Line)

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Trident Waters

Trident Waters will release their new EP, Hollywood To Vegas, on Friday 7th June. Prior to this, the trio have just dropped a brand new video for the single, Eva Lane

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40 Shillings on the Drum

We're 40 Shillings on the Drum. Here's our new single, mixed by Tommy Gleeson from Feeder. We met him at Beautiful Days festival '18 when we snuck back of main stage to steal beer. The song is a huge departure from our folk-punk roots, taking a more contemporary, punk-rock sound to new heights.

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Hello! WATERFOOLS are releasing the final track of their second EP, Breathe - the band are a self released group, with a DIY Grunge sound, led by noisy guitar riffs and pulsating drums!

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we are cleopatrick. the peoples band. we make music for kids that feel the same shit we are feeling. here’s a song about our best friends Sanjay and Jake. designed to incite vicious mosh pits and a sense of existential triumph. if you don’t get it, that’s probably because it isn’t meant for you.

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Black Tree Vultures

Brit hard hitters BLACK TREE VULTURES have just released a stunning new single and video for Bitter which has been taken from their eagerly anticipated self-titled EP, which arrives on Friday 19th April.

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