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Blood Drips From Bit Lips

by Gross

I am a multi-instrumentalist and have been in many bands, but rarely do I ever have creative control. this is my solo project and am very proud of it and have a lot of fun making it.

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Better Luck Next Time (feat. Trenton Woodley of Hands Like Houses)

by Written By Wolves

Hey Team! We are Written By Wolves, a Cinematic Rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. This is the second single from our upcoming EP, 'The Collab Project'. This track features Trenton Woodley of Hands Like Houses who also mixed the track and stars in the video directed by WBW member, Bahador Borhani

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by Endless Season UK

We are Endless Season UK, a Pop-Rock band from North East England. Our debut single ‘Ghost’ is out on 04/07/2021 and combines the hard hitting guitars of Alternative Rock with Pop style hooks/melodies. We hope you like it!

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Help Me Through The Night feat. Kellin Quinn

by Written By Wolves

We are Written By Wolves from Auckland, New Zealand. This track is the first of an EP of collaborative re imaginings of songs from our debut album, 'Secrets'. It is about talking about the struggles that we are going through and trying to break down the stigma attached to mental health issues.

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We Breathe The Same

by Neptune Rain

“In an age of polarised debate, rising inequality, and high profile hate and division, our exciting new single is a reflection on the destructive course humanity often appears set on. ‘We Breathe the Same’ serves to act as a reminder that as humans, we have more commonalities than we do differences.

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Straight Down To Hell

by The Chris Rolling Squad

Hi guys, we're The Chris Rolling Squad, we play fast and raw Rock ‘N’ Roll !!! Hard Rock riffing, Punk wildness, psychobilly voodoo rhythm with wide and edgy backing vocals, some say it's the missing link between Bo Diddley and Slayer ! Hope you'll dig our stuff!

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Russian Doll (Acoustic)

by Midwich Cuckoos

As a reaction to their debut album, Midwich Cuckoos cemented a permanent line up, honed their live shows & went into the studio to refine their identity. However, 2020’s events had something different in mind. To keep creative, the band released a series of acoustic renditions to keep spirits up.

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Something in the Water

by Chapter and Verse

Hello! Recorded from our bedrooms, ‘Something in the Water’ is the result of us really trying to push our artistic boundaries. Whilst it’s been tough for many people, the pandemic gave us the time to reevaluate and in a certain sense to rediscover what we love about being a band.

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Against The Lake

by Phoenix Lake

Hey Guys, We are Phoenix Lake and this is our latest single Against The Tides although it was released a year ago, A worldwide Pandemic made it difficult for us to promote it properly and to the extent that it deserves, We really hope you love it! Thanks

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Aum / Olive Trees

by Dandy Island

Hello amazing people of punktastic. We have shared our next EP with you this is our first EP. It took us a year and a half to record,mix and master because of the... you-know-what. Hope you enjoy! It will be aired on 30th of april. Stay safe .

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by DJ Perro

'DJ Perro' is an instrumental rock band from Puebla, Mexico. Among the tastes and influences of the band are genres such as math rock, jazz, progressive, pop and metal.

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The Simpsons = Real Footage

by Mothman and The Thunderbirds

"The Simpsons = Real Footage" is the third single off of Mothman and The Thunderbirds’ debut album Into the Hollow (our May 21st). The song is a sludgy thrash rager that features soulful female guest vocals and a scorching guitar solo.

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Played Me At My Own Game

by The Fiasco

Hi, we're The Fiasco, an Alt-Rock band from Leeds UK. Played Me At My Own Game is our brand new single and is an energetic, mid-tempo Pop/Rock track with a huge sing-along chorus.

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VAN TASTIK, a one-man-band Virginia native now based in Europe. This dark country/alternative rock track is a thumping, vintage-kissed Wild West theme tune that brings to mind classic rock and country.

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by Bad Idea

Hey - we're Bad Idea, Leeds fuzzy dream-pop kids. We've just released the first of two new singles with Rose Coloured Records, 'Winter', a pop vocal-led punk track about when you could waste your money on getting drunk with your friends (which we're all desperately missing). Hope you enjoy! <3

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After Thought

by ForeignWolf

We blend heavy alt-rock loaded with enticing hooks and monstrous riffs. With comparisons to Alexisonfire, Deftones, and Alter Bridge, we drop our new EP, Your Weapons, Your Words, which arrives on Friday 14th May. We will also reveal a new single, Alone, on Friday 5th March.

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Nothing Left To Save

by Neptune Rain

Hey we are Neptune Rain. 'Nothing Left to Save' is from our debut EP 'Chaos & Light' and is about the pain and confusion left behind when a relationship unexpectedly ends. Our name comes from the theory that on Neptune it can rain diamonds; suggesting that hope can be found in the darkest of places.

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Love Aint Forever

by Broozer

Hey There. We’re Broozer and come from Wolverhampton. We fall sow here between Punk and Rock. This song is taken from our latest EP which was released 18.01.21. I’d describe our sound as basic but energetic, fairly riff based. Don’t expect too much, we’re nothing special.

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Something's Gonna Break

by The Final Clause Of Tacitus

We are a UK crossover crew and we are back with a new EP, Asinine Music for the Solemn and Staid, out on Friday 14th May. We have have also just delivered a brand new single and video, Something’s Gonna Break

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by the visitors

hello we are a five piece band from dundalk co, louth. this is our newest LIAR we hope you enjoy, you can also find our debut EP on spotify its call "what did you expect"

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