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Your heaven, my hell

by Pissed!

Hey hey, we’re Pissed! from Trenton, NJ. We formed about four years ago and just put out our 3rd release Statute Of Liberty on Nov. 3rd. We feel it’s a great reflection of how things have gone these last few years and love for you to check it out!

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The Fringes Of Normality

by To The Helpless

Hey there! here's our new EP. Four songs written during and about the lockdown and the pandemic. It was recorded and mixed by Álvaro Escribano and mastered by the one and only Mass Giorgini. Hope you enjoy! To The Helpless

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We don't care (6 track EP)

by C2H6O

Hey guys, we're a new band from a small town called Varberg in Sweden. We've just released our first EP with some high energy punk/hardcore tracks! If you have 10 minutes of down-time you should really be checking this out, who knows, you might actually like it!

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by Glitchers

We are a 2 piece Skiffle Punk band who travel the country playing Punk gigs on the streets. This is our opening track Relovelution. Enjoy

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by Tear Them Down

We are Tear Them Down fron Gothenburg Sweden. This is our brand new song Sacrifice from out sophomore album coming out later this winter. Sacrifice is a one minute punk anthem about DIY, giving all you got and never looking back. Something everybody in the punk community can relate to.

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Twitter Troll

by Dead End America

We are Dead End America, our message of intent is clear. "Jack-hammering, old-school style hardcore tunes...written and played by a rogues gallery of real deal music lifers as a condemnation of the criminal Trump administration and republican party." - writes Mark Lanegan in our liner notes

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1. Spinning Wheels 2. Listen Up! 3. Battle Cries 4. Bloodlines

by Dead Low

Greetings, we are a brand new Punk Rock N Roll band called DEAD LOW. Formed in late 2019 on the barren shores of Massachusetts. The power trio lineup consists of some well seasoned members from bands such as REVILERS, LED TO THE GRAVE, and FAST TIMES. Hope you enjoy, Cheers!

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New album

by Future Death

New album featuring Aaron Ross of Hella.

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Positive Attitude

by Scum

Positive Attitude is inspired by the idea of straight edge culture, of having a positive mental attitude, which was amplified through all the bands in the hardcore scene with bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Minor Threat.

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No One's Home

by Felipe Pupo

Hey, This is off our new EP Dia De Los Muertos. If you want to hear the whole EP the link is below. We appreciate you, Stay safe! Erik

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Bring Back The Venue

by Mucho Sonar

Mucho Sonar is a 6 piece punk rock band from Newcastle and Sydney (4/6 Newcastle, 2/6 Sydney). Playing heavy punk influenced rock n roll with a horn section. This New track is about the decline of LIVE VENUES in Australia.

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by Deseos Primitivos

This release comes after tours of Peru, Mexico and the US west coast. Deseos Primitivos is a band unrestricted musically and not tied to a specific genre. Songs of revenge, homelessness and gentrification, colonization, and sensual tales of taboo dreams.

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by Everyone Lies

Hey f*ckers, we're Everyone Lies. Formed in 2019, with the mantra to create catchy punk rock tunes, have fun and never been too old to skate. We've just released our debut EP on Spotify we recorded at the Ranch Production House. TNTina is a track inspired by the video game Fortnite.

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[Serial] Killer Product Placements

by No Murder No Moustache

Did you ever wonder when advertising will get so depraved that it'll ask serial killers what are their recommended products to murder people with? Possibly not. I did.

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by Salt the Snail

We are a ragtag pack of fun lovers from all over the country, kinda based in Widnes. Our M.O is to entertain you as much as we possibly can. Our songs are short and snappy and don't require to go out of your way to 'get' them Maaate is about people who annoy us a bit

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Black Light

by Ash Ellis

Hey lovelies! My name's Ash, I'm a non-binary folk-punk musician from Southampton, UK. I always try write my music to be as honest as possible and that's one way to describe Black Light. It's a song about a deeply personal struggle with dissociation and the isolation that it brings along with it.

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Country Pride

by Adulkt Life

Huggy Bear’s Chris Rowley, Male Bonding’s John Arthur Webb & Kevin Hendrick, and drummer Sonny Barrett introduce Adulkt Life.

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Cult 45

by TrumpCard

We are TrumpCard; your essential middle finger to the SCROTUS! We take bitter shots at current social and political issues; often using direct quotes from the SCROTUS. This is our brand new album release, "Cult 45". Enjoy.

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We're Not Alone

by Pezz

Unable to mark our 30th anniversary with a live show because of the pandemic, we're releasing this new song and video in solidarity with the outrage over the killing of George Floyd and the demand for greater transparency by the police.

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by Mögel

This is our new track. We wrote a lot of them in 1978-83. This small punk piece about our time-pressured society and ever-increasing demands. It you translate the lyrics to english it would be - GO! GO! GO! Since the last release the band has got a new drummer in Anna Lund

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