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Little Blue Tyrants

by The Scoffs

The Scoffs hail from the Needle City (Seattle) where the grey skies loom above and the rain beats out a rhythm that fuels their vintage punk rock vibes.

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One Horse Mind

by Vulpynes

We are Vulpynes, a 2 piece fuzzy punk rock band from Dublin, Ireland. This track 'One Horse Mind' is from our third EP 'Us Against Them'. We had hoped the four tracks would be part of our debut album, but since Covid stopped the recording dead in its tracks.. we decided to release what we had!

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Assassination is our manifesto-song. Two minutes, fifteen seconds, to answer modern man’s three big questions: Who are we? Where are we going? Could you please turn up the volume?

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What Went Wrong

by Molly And The Krells

We're an Australian punk rock band called Molly And The Krells, this track is about losing touch with a friend who refuses to let you help them get their life back on track.

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Three Stage T-Shirt Tan

by Young Pretorians

We're Young Pretorians from Portsmouth, UK. Check out our second single ‘Three Stage T-Shirt Tan’, recorded with Ben Whyntie at Old Blacksmiths Studio. The song is about the second guessing, the anxiety and the doubt that define dating in your mid to late twenties. Melancholy words over music in the major key. Full debut EP coming soon.

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Nothing New Today

by Mr. Fartface

Hey guys! We're Mr. Fartface, a punk rock band hailing from Belgium. We've just dropped our new single and video, “Nothing New Today”. If you're into bands such as Bad Religion, Authority Zero or Pennywise... Check us out! :)

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Mean Queen

by Poison Boys

Hey there, We're the Poison Boys, a 1970s punk rock n roll styled band from Chicago that stays true to form. Mean Queen is a raw motorcycle rock/protopunk type hit celebrating bad ass women/queens/sex workers, on our fourth 7" was just released on Chicago's Hobo Wolfman Records.

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Out For Blood

by Arms & Hearts

Hi Punktastic, this is Steve from Arms & Hearts. I hope you enjoy my new single & music video "Out For Blood". The track is about no longer keeping toxic people in your life — the kind that cross the line one too many times. My upcoming debut album 'The Distance Between' is out November 13th!

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The Fringes of Normality

by To The Helpless

Lyrically it delves on the themes of death, distance, normalcy and marriage through the prism of the pandemic. It was mastered by the one and only Mass Giorgini. The full EP on Downloadable EP: and the music video is at:

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So Much Better

by The Fades

South West London’s favourite group of home-grown punk rock troubadours, The Fades, unleash their first new songs in four years – the perfect soundtrack to accompany our tragicomic march into oblivion with brand new music in the form of 'So Much Better'

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Attention Economy

by Launch Control

Hey, we are Launch Control, bringing you socio-political punk rock from Reading. This is our new track Attention Economy, the first single from our upcoming forth EP of the same name. The single is available to stream in all the usual places now with the EP dropping on the 2nd of October.

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Lockdown Philosophies

by Atticus City Rising

Atticus City Rising are from Nelson, New Zealand / Aotearoa. Recorded over Lockdown, with the equipment at their disposal, it's their first release. Reminiscing late 90's Uk style, Crackle'esq tunes with a bit of old git emo that could be played faster.

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Meth Metal


The Oslo based quartet FIGHTS are showing off their first single from their upcoming EP. Now they aim to inform the public about the cons (and pros) about the use of methamphetamine. Yes, it is dangerous, but did you know that methamphetamine can prolong the love making by several days? You can watch the video to Meth Metal here:

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Social Circus

by Lady Rage

Hi there, we're Lady Rage, an all chick punk rock band based near London. We've just released our first official music video for our single - Social Circus! Check it out and share our sound and message!

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Gettin' Over You

by MPM Producer

Hi! I'm Marco Porrà, known as MPM Producer. I produce and mix my own work! MPM Producer is my new musical project mixing punk rock and other modern genres such as hip hop. I just released my debut EP, “Reborn”. Hope you'll like it :)

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Warren & Jimmy

by Loser Points

'Warren & Jimmy' is a complete re-imagining of a song that was written by the band for a fan contest in their formative years. On the band's latest tour, the song began to take on a new life, with Shawn and Kurt giving fans the hardest shredding, most high-flying track yet.

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We Need to Talk

by PGP

PGP is a project that my brother and I wanted to make since high school, listening to the 90s pop-punk scene. This year, we committed to making it happen and we sent tracks to each other across the country to turn this dream into a reality.

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Say Her Name

by Skitter

This song is about the unjust murder of Breonna Taylor. Any proceeds from downloads of this song will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

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Back Me Up

by New Age Affair

Hey Punktastic, we're punk rock quartet New Age Affair, from Rapid City, South Dakota. We hope you enjoy our new single "Back Me Up", taken from our new, debut album 'Too Messed Up', which is out now on Manic Kat Records.

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The Lost

by Travis Riot

Hello everyone, we are Travis Riot from Amherst Nova Scotia, Canada. Check out our first single of 2020 called "The Lost" available now on most streaming sites. We hope you enjoy the song, cheers!

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