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Fintan Stack

Fintan Stack is Dan, Chris, Adam, Duncan, and Bernie and is the amalgamation of musicians from well know bands from the U.K. punk scene featuring members of Hull punks Less Deceived, London pop punkers Spineless Yes Men and solo artist Duncan Ewart. We play punk rock/pop punk!

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Fight For Friday

We are nothing more than a high school band that didn’t stop, carrying on to get to the stage that we are now. It wasn’t the quickest journey but its definitely been the most fun. Many of the songs on this forthcoming release were a result of feeling depressed and fun riffs

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We are a Birmingham based Emo Punk band, first formed in 2014 as Luke and Brad began writing some terrible music in Brad’s bedroom. Our name is taken from a Bukowski poem called layover. We are bringing a new sound that is predominantly based within the American market.

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Hey folks, we're a pop/punk band called Cardinals and this is our newest single, "Anymore." It's fun and super moody at the same time and we hope you like it!

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The Weekend Classic

The Weekend Classic recently announced their signing with independent record label, Rude Records and their forthcoming EP entitled 'Better Health', due out April 6, 2018. produce and mix the six-track EP. Off the release comes “Mutual Interest” a song about a stagnant, yet hopeful relationship.

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Idle Wave

Howdy! We are a group of young men that shred basements for a living. Recently we released our first single “Alpern” about how we met in college, formed the band, and got caught in various hijinks along the way. So cover your ears and open your hearts, because here comes Idle Wave.

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