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(Blast This Song With The) Windows Down!

by More! More!

Hey Punktastic, we're More! More! We just packed in this high energy, crazy fun, driving song into a minute and a half. It's got some weird timing changes that make this track rock, and we made a quarantine friendly music video that shows we can all blast music in our cars to still connect!

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Makes No Difference


Hey! We are WAGER! We're a Punk Rock band from South Wales made up from ex-members of bands such as Attack!Attack! and EnGarde. We started WAGER as an excuse to get together once a week and it's kind of snowballed! This track is from our debut EP and was written for our singer/guitarist's dad.

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The Drew Thomson Foundation

On the surface, "Break" is about a relationship, but in a broader sense, it’s about not being afraid of change and the possible consequences that can come from it. We had a lot of fun working with Alex Newport, and I think that comes through in the recording and the rest of the album.

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Dead End Drive-In

Hello! We are Dead End Drive-In of Vancouver BC. Just released our first full-length, "Mea Culpa." It's filled with gutturally chanted, existential anthems and slick guitar harmonies. In October we take a trip down the west coast for a 13 dates tour. Give us a listen.

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