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by Fat Heaven

We're Fat Heaven, a 3 piece punk band, from Brooklyn NY. We spent the last week making this video DIY to have something fun for Halloween. This song is called Tarantula and is available on a split EP we put out today 'Trash & Fat Heaven'. Its streaming everywhere alongside our track "Narc."

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by Everyone Lies

Hey f*ckers, we're Everyone Lies. Formed in 2019, with the mantra to create catchy punk rock tunes, have fun and never been too old to skate. We've just released our debut EP on Spotify we recorded at the Ranch Production House. TNTina is a track inspired by the video game Fortnite.

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Hi I'm Steve a firefighter and dad who decided to get back to making the music I love. This is well produced, punishing Crustpunk with pop punk-esque leads and vocals with enough variety and cadence to rise above the mundane. For lovers of tight, fast, nasty music looking for a breath of fresh air!

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