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Something to Believe

by Stand Up Stacy

Hey, we're the German punk rockers Stand Up Stacy and we're really happy to introduce you to our newest single, titled 'Something To Believe'. If you're into bands such as Sum 41, Billy Talent or Blink 182, you might like our sound! Enjoy :)

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Funnel Vision

by Spirit of the Widlfire

Hello we are Spirit of the Wildfire from Halifax, Nova Scotia. We mix styles from funk, hip hop, ska and punk to get a sound we coined as "funk punk".

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Settle The Score

by 408

"This song was written about dealing with mixed emotions of chasing someone you thought was the love of your life and losing grip with society's version of a relationship today." - Mark Faroudi (vocals/bass)

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by Charming Mike

Yo! We're Charming Mike and we are the nostalgic ear noise you miss from the early 2000s! We enjoy pizza, parties and hanging out with our friends, and our new EP "THIS NOISE" has just just hit the digital shelves as of 14/06/19. If you like heavy pop-punk - give us a listen ;)

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by Everyone and Anyone

Hey there. We're Everyone and Anyone and we're a pop punk band based outta Wrexham. For fans of, well, pop punk I suppose and high energy live shows! We tour the UK frequently so we hope ya can catch us at a venue near you!

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by Rayner

Hi everybody, we wanted to put some hype around our upcoming performance at Pouzza fest, so we decided to release a few new songs we've been working on. We try and write catchy punk songs, with what we hope, are smart lyrics.

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Love Like Fiction

Hi! We're Love Like Fiction, We love Pop Punk, Emo and everything in between. We try our best to pour our heart and soul into our music, and to give you that fresh angsty feeling with a bit of modern sound sprinkled on.

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Some Time Today

Hi guys! We are Some Time Today we started playing music in 2014 and this EP is our 3rd major release to date. Slip Hazard! Has already had several plays on BBC introducing so we as a band are very happy with how this record has turned out we hope you guys enjoy it!

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Crash-11 has a fast, aggressive skate punk sound with a mix of personal a political songs, heavily influenced by bands from Fat Wreck and Epitaph. All music written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself (Nick Naylor), a musician/producer from South Wales (UK).

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Movement At Night

Hey guys! We are Movement At Night, a French Indie/Pop-Punk band, we’ve just released two songs and a music video. We like to mix many influences, bringing heavy pop and pop-punk melody, throwback to the late 2000s! We'll hope you enjoy it!

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Strike ONE

Hey guys! Here is a feel good song called "Need You Here" from our brand new album "Generation Degeneration". This song sends you back to the good old days! Late 1990's early 2000's. Enjoy!

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A Million People

We are A Million People. We play music for funsies. Some form of Punk, I guess? Subject to interpretation. Come say hi, or else :@

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Kissing The Klepto

Hey homies! We are Kissing the Klepto from Philadelphia, PA. We have established a reputation in our area for overly energetic live performances with piñatas full of stickers, black lights, and tons more! Here is our flagship track “Northern Philadelphia” Available on our debut EP “Why Bother?”!!

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We are a fresh pop punk band from Italy. Our music is made to dance, jump, sweat and get laid! Listen to our music if you want to go back to your 16s.

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Project Revise

We're a pop-punk/rock band from near Birmingham in the UK, taking influences by the likes of Blink 182, Millencolin and New Found Glory. We've been described as having a nostalgic sound from the early 00's pop-punk era and we were recently invited to record a live session for BBC Introducing!

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Friday's Spirit

Hi, we're Friday’s Spirit, a punk rock band hailing from Salzburg, Austria. After an EP titled “Parts”, released in 2017, we are now back with a brand new single, titled “TSTT”. A single that will definitely please the fans of Billy Talent! Enjoy :)

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Spirit of the Wildfire

We are Spirit of the Wildfire, a dynamic punk band that blends styles from hiphop to punk, dubbing the sound "Funk-Punk". We've just released the first single off of our third album, a fun and catchy pop punk tune called "Static".

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The Shapers

The Shapers delectably embrace the garage rock vibes of The Hives and Nirvana, merged with the early urgent delivery of Green Day and SUM 41. Born in 2009, this power trio have certainly undertaken the punk rock DIY ethos.

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Shady Fat Kats

We are Shady Fat Kats, a best friend band from the small town of Vannes in France. We started in 2017 and our first EP will be out on the 20th September. We love pop and we love punk, so it sounded obvious to make a subtle blend between soft and agressive. Between romantic and rude.

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Loser Points

We (Loser Points) are a hook-filled, anthemic punk band from Alberta, Canada. We just released our 6th record and 2nd LP, Denial & Error.

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