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Why (You In a Ska Band)

by Voluntary Hazing

We're Voluntary Hazing, a slightly chaotic band of 12 college marching band geeks that decided to play some rock music with our horns. This song is both a self-deprecating evaluation and a love letter to ska -- check it out and crank it up for any ska naysayers in your life.

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Sit still

by King Punch

Hello world! We are King Punch and this is our latest track 'Sit Still' from our new E. P. 'Divide and Conga'. It's us what we love doing most: playing hard, having fun and sweating profusely.

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Hey, we're Kahuna and this is our brand new track "All The Same" it's basically about not being a dick! We hope you'll love it!

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Must Build Jacuzzi

Formed in small-town Peoria in 2012, Must Build Jacuzzi contrast their quiet surroundings with a vibrant, energetic and ska-fuelled punk sound on latest single 'Swing Set Summer'. Debut full-length "Last Place" is set for release on April 27th, 2018 via Indie Vision Music.

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