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Stolen Desire

by Our Escape

Hey! We are Our Escape from Orlando, Florida. 'Stolen Desire' is about expressing anxiety, claustrophobia and isolation while feeling desperate for connection with others. Its a fun track to play and one of our favorites off our debut album.

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Groan Ups

by Sadface

YO. We're Sadface, four mates who've cut our teeth on the London DIY Punk circuit. 'Groan Ups' is taken from our debut EP, 'A Tree Grew Through Me', an exploration of spiritual vice. This track critiques celebrity culture and the toxicity it perpetuates. Abrasive, frenetic, satirical. Fuck 'em all!

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Stop Being Dickheads To Each Other

by Those Fucking Snowflakes

Those F***ing Snowflakes are a vibrant clash of political punk, hardcore rock and math rock. Formed merely as a vessel to shout out the feelings of anxiety and dread we all face in modern society everyday.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

by Hotknives

Here is our newest single and Music Video! We hope you like it. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

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Dead Extras

We’re Dead Extras, a loud, chaotic band from Leeds. We also live above a funeral home, which is handy because the neighbours don’t complain. We play a loud, intense and furious hybrid of punk rock. New single Affluenza out 26.04.2019

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Operation Kino

Hey Guys, we're Operation Kino. We've released our new track A.T.D which will feature on our new EP. Our aim with this track was create something that would capture our live sound. Its one of the heaviest and most aggressive off the new record and leans heavily on our Mathcore influences.

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Being A Tiger

How often do you hear a track that inspires you to crank it up to full and want to jump through a brick wall? This post-hardcore/grunge track by Being A Tiger is one of those! An energetic and passionate delivery shows this band are one to watch out for...

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Fake Figures

Fake Figures is members of Atreyu, Scars of Tomorrow etc. This single came out 11/5 and new EP coming this Summer from producer Kris Comeaux (Assuming We Survive etc). Recently featured by BBC1 Rock, Loudwire, AltPress etc.

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Release the Hounds

We are a fast and heavy hardcore punk band from the furthest east city in North America. We began to play together in junior high school and eventual became Release the Hounds. After 10 years as a band we have released our debut self titled debut album. 12 fast and angry songs.

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