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Sharks Can't Hold Hands

Yo! I write acoustic punk songs, generally about whatever happens to be on my mind that day. Drawing influence from the worlds of ska, rockabilly & folk - all about that raw DIY sound.

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Yo, I'm Nip. Give my track 'Feet off London' a spin, you might like it.

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Crawling once again from the primordial sludge of the Thames estuary, Southend three piece SPUN hit back with their second single… ADVERTISE YOUR LIFE.

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Black Adidas

Like flipping through your older sibling’s record collection, Black Adidas’ new self-titled record comes across as a tribute to many rare and unique threads in rock history. With gravelly vocals and crunchy guitars, Ranshaw invites listeners on a sonic victory lap around the best version of punk history, paying homage to his own influences while carefully acknowledging their sway over a generation of musicians.

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