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Hi, we're Koseakaso from Italy and we just released our new record named "Squaloparco", which is based around a famous toy racetrack that you american guys better know as "Shark Park". Squaloparco consist of 9 fast Melodic HC tracks completely sung in Italian, hope you'll enjoy it!

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Hi guys! Always great to work with you, if you like skate punk, you'll definitely will like Antillectual that I'm sure you already know.

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Cage Flight

We are Cage Flight, an anarchist melodic hardcore band from the occupied Lenape land currently called Philadelphia. Members’ current and past projects include Ramshackle Glory, Wrong Planet, and Cottontail.

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We are an Irish band of Limerick dwelling noise merchants consisting of Ciaran, Kieran and Kieran and we enjoy The Mighty Ducks and playing loud. Sometimes concurrently.

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