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Journey Proud

by Tree River

Hi gang! If you like face melting bangers and catchy hooks then Tree River are for you. Based in New York, the bands new album Time Being is charming, anthemic, raging and loud. You don't want to miss it.

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Kissed By The Stars

by doubting

We're an Irish emo/pop(-ish) punk band and this is the first real track we're putting out, following the release of some self-recorded (read: shite quality) demos we put out last year. Our new track is hopefully the first of many and features a mix of sounds from pop-punk to emo to post-rock.

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Negative (I Wish I Was)

by Lapyear

We take inspiration from early grunge, emo alongside DIY emo/punk influences, such as the likes of Oso Oso and Balance & Compsure. Lyrically, "Negative" is a subtle dig to anyone that tries to hold you back.

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