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by Jet Jaguar

“Our first song 'Anvil' should make you want to buy a guitar...and then smash it, then drive around your block blasting this song out your windows so that your neighbor Karen knows what the F is up. If 'Anvil' doesn’t make you want to do any of that, you didn't listen to it loud enough!"

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Brother Beer

by Annulled By Nature

Hello! Our band name is Annulled By Nature and we are a punk rock band from Cebu City Philippines. We want to introduce you to our song entitled Brother Beer. This song is about friends who are always there for you during a drinking session. Go check it out - hope you'll love it! Thanks!

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Dear John

by Single By Sunday

Hello! We're Single By Sunday and we just released "Dear John," a classic pop-punk track for you to sing-a-long to! ‘Dear John’ started out under a few different names but the premise has always been the same; a fictional account of a disgruntled employee taking revenge on his boss.

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Settle The Score

by 408

"This song was written about dealing with mixed emotions of chasing someone you thought was the love of your life and losing grip with society's version of a relationship today." - Mark Faroudi (vocals/bass)

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Locked Door

by After Elmer

Hey Punktastic, what's up? We are After Elmer, a Rotterdam-based pop punk band of three brothers, Jaap, Pieter en Thomas. Long story short; our previous bands broke up and we decided to give it a shot and DAMN it feels good this time around! Our new single Locked Door is out now!

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Guess She Doesn't Know

by Final Round

Hello there! I'm Dan from Final Round. Say, Do you like pop-punk music in a similar vein to old Blink, All Time Low, New Found Glory with a dash of NoFX and a sprinkle of Weezer? If you do, do I have something you should have a listen to!

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Helping Hand

by Johnny C

I am Johnny C, a Torontonian (sorry) who moved to Halifax to be by the ocean and write pop-punk. My debut album "Connaught" will be releasing on June 2nd, and the first single "Helping Hand" is already available. I hope you love it.

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Miles Below

Hey guys, we're Miles Below, a pop-punk band from Novara, Italy. We came out in 2019 with our first EP self-titled and we're trying to let us know and hear to share our music. I hope you'll come to listen us! Thank you!

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Loyal Panic

Hey everyone! We’re a Pop Punk Band from Tel-Aviv! We’v Just released a new song and video ‘Hero’ - check it out!

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Smart Alecs

Hello you beautiful people, we're Smart Alecs and this is our first music video! We focus on having fun and living life. Our moms thought we were good and like they say mom knows best. So you should probably check us out!

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Second Home

Hey, we're Second Home, an upcoming pop punk band that formed in early 2018. We spent the summer writing and recording our debut EP 'First Thoughts' which will be released on 02/02/19. Our latest single 'Stickup Kid' is an angsty track that features Mat Buckley (of Without Andrew), go listen!

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Record Low

Hello We are Record Low a Pop Punk band from the South West Of The Uk.We been around since 2015. In 2018 we decided to make an album called "Pictures For The World To See" a follow up to our 2015 EP "Kind Words of Advice".

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Butter Side Up

2005: the year of Blair being re-elected! Bird flu! Charles marrying Camilla! Hurricane Katrina! 'Duh duh duh duh duh duh' is a poorly named track from the '05 album 'That’ll Do' which was one of the least worst things that happened in 2005, probably, so get your nostalgia hit of poor punk.

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Carried Away

Hey friends! We are Carried Away, a 3 piece pop punk band from Toronto, Canada and we are excited to share our tunes with you! We blend catchy vocal hooks straight out of early 00s with modern emo / pop punk vibes to deliver hard hitting and honest, but at the same time upbeat and hopeful sound.

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Hang Tight

Hey! We're Hang Tight and we've just released our first new single of the year, "It's So Whatever". We're heading out on a European tour in March and gearing up to release more new music in 2019!

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LIFE LESSONS started with a vision of bringing Easycore to Norway and being seen as pioneers of the genre in Norway. The band is based in Oslo (Rat City) and has a lineup of 5 'Whats My Age Again's'. LL has a numbers of single releases: Their first EP '1212' was released 02.08.2019

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We Know John

Hey! We're We Know John, a 6 piece Pop Punk band hailing from Southampton. We dropped our first album on the 4th January 2019 so it would be great if you could check it out!

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Keep it Secret

Hi! We are a growing pop-punk band from Norwich in the UK. Our latest single and video “Bad Valentine” is a throwback to the late 2000’s, bringing catchy and memorable lyrics with big pop punk riffs back into the forefront of modern pop-punk. We would love it if you could give us a listen!

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Back to the Point

Hey everybody! We're Back to the Point, from Ipswich, a four piece band bonded (in 2008) by our shared love of all things pop-punk - inspired by the likes of Bowling for Soup, Green Day, Blink-182 and Neck Deep. Our latest EP 'The Missing Peace' is out now, we hope you enjoy this track from it!

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Be Still

We're an Alternative/Pop Punk trio from Oxford, two of whom are brothers. Our bouncy, upbeat tunes are reminiscent of early 00s bands like New Found Glory and Sum 41 with a modern touch.

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