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Sparks In Our Blood

by Matter Of Mind

We’re Matter Of Mind from Stockport, Manchester. If you like Ballsy guitars and choruses that will have you screaming along until your hearts content, we’re the band for you.

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Hold On To Your Grudge

by Y!KES

Y!KES are a new alternative band formed Jan 2019. Our new music video involves a spooky adventure soundtracked by fuzzy, bouncy riffs, funky synths & howling vocals provided by new vocalist Oli Long who joined the band last month. It's one of four new choons from our debut EP coming Jan 2020. Y X

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High Femme

by Calico Plaid

Calico Plaid is an Indie Rock band based out of Chicago composed of couple duo Nic and Camille! Heavy hitting yet surprisingly dynamic, Calico Plaid's newest single release "High Femme" off of new album Crumpled Up will take you through a journey of a millennial couple's outlook on today.

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Quiet, My Secrets Are Safe

by The Weekend Transit

We're a post-hardcore band called The Weekend Transit and this is our new single 'Quiet, My Secrets Are Safe'. The song is meant to assure everyone who has seen hard times that you're not alone. Have hope, even when you don't know what you are hoping for.

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In the Morning

by notdare

What up? We are notdare, we are a band born and bred in the nation of Crisp but we are currently residing in Sydney. Made up of Ben on Bass and Vocals, Pat on Guitar and Vocals and Zac on drums, we just released our first single 'In the Morning.' Its an explosive mix of surf rock, punk and more.

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Love Like Fiction

Hi! We're Love Like Fiction, We love Pop Punk, Emo and everything in between. We try our best to pour our heart and soul into our music, and to give you that fresh angsty feeling with a bit of modern sound sprinkled on.

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My Immortal Enemy

From the ashes of Epitaph Records I Am Ghost comes a new project led by vocalist Steven Juliano. The group took a year to write and record, 'AKUMA', 13 soaring rock anthems

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Fairies! No Mercenaries

Hiya! I'm Theo this is my project, Fairies! No Mercenaries. I'm working on releasing a full album but in the mean time I have a music video for a single called Swansong. The video follows a girl being followed by a monster only she can see.

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Anthem For Maria

Hello there homies! We are Anthem For Maria and here's our newest music video "Philophobia" from our latest album entitled "Brace Yourself". The album name says what you can expect from the album. Prepare for a baaaang! Hope you love it.

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First And Forever

We're First and Forever from Scottsdale, Arizona, and we make emo music in one of the sunniest places on earth! We hope you enjoy our new single 'Chicago' and that you will help us share it!

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Every Other Year

Every Other Year is a teenage alternative pop punk band from Orange County, California. They bridge the gap between modern day alternative and melodic hardcore. This is their most requested song One Day. They also have a music video for the song which is on the website. Enjoy!

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Hey, this is our new single 'Birds of Prey'. Written in a manic few days and then torn apart at our live shows we finally worked out how to play it properly and recorded it earlier this year. Loud guitars and screams galore with a sharp groove to dig into to. We hope you enjoy it.

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Hello Punktastic! We are OCEANDVST, a new female fronted pop punk band and we would like to introduce ourselves! We have just released our new music video for our song "Stay" for which we have worked very hard. It would be wonderful if you give it a try!

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The Stranger

Hey, I am a solo artist called The Stranger from Burbank California. I wrote the lyrics, melodies, structure, as well as playing the piano/synth, drums, and vocals. Guitar and bass was tracked by Tim Lawrence at Big Zen Studious. It centers around a larger fictional story rooted in truth.

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