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by Lam

Hi we're a new alternative metal band, featuring Mike Pilat from swiss metal band Herod. We wrote our debut EP during the first covid-19 lockdown, half of us are based in France, the other half in the UK.

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Derelict Dream

"From the dark, watery grave of the south-coast, the Brighton based 3 piece Derelict Dream have come to give a new meaning to the word 'Heavy', with lyrics inspired by Hell in the concept of a dream you can never wake up from, one you have made for yourself and you can never unmake, a place filled w

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Hey, we're Efreeti, a black / death metal band from Norway. We've recently revealed our music video for single “Its Inner Pain”, and we really hope you'll like it. Our next album will be out on March 8th. Save the date! :)

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Taken By The Tide

Following their performance at Tech-Fest and the release of "Moloch" last month, Nottingham progressive metallers Taken By The Tide are keeping the heat on with the release of a second video from their upcoming EP "Revenge", due for release on 3rd August.

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Oxford mathcore trio Masiro have been captivating listeners with their own blend of math-prog-metal since the tail end of 2011. Although influenced by everyone from Meshuggah, through to Mars Volta, Masiro bear their own markings, evidenced with new EP, Geodesics, out Friday 7th September.

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