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We're Surhoff from Baltimore, Maryland, and we play songs about being in your late 20s and the summer.

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Foreign Bier

Hello Readers.. We are Foreign Bier. Would you like to know more? We're an OK Three piece Punk outfit from Norwich. Come join us.

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Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind

Hey there, we are a post-hardcore/emotive band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Recently we released our new mini album, "Dread and Vision" which can be seen as a turn towards modern post-hardcore with a potent dose of emotion. Check out "Asleep in Sorry" if you are into rugby!

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Lashing Fred

We are Lashing Fred, a French punk rock band. We've recorded and released our 1st LP "Exactly not the same" end of last year. It's been D.I.Y made from recording to producing and promoting. Hope you'll enjoy

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