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Brittle Bones Nicky 2

by Rare Americans

BBN tells the story of Nicky, a kid who grew up in the foster system with the odds stacked against him. This led to us getting signed for a brief time but we knew the indie life worked best for us for part 2. Over 1000 fans drew fan art and people have dressed up as Nicky at Comic Con last year.

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by 1000facez

Listen up everybody! We’re pleased to announce 1000faces’ video ‘Barbidura’ has just come out. The Moldavian band indulges in experiments with Gipsy-Punk and Ska-Folk featuring Balkan-inspired trumpet tunes and bass lines over a chord progression. Just enjoy it and have fun!

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Synaptic Free Zone

by The Shrieks

Hello "Intelligent" beings from planet earth. You must have a "SYNAPTIC FREE ZONE" at some point in life. Why not now?..We can help with that. Disengage from the BS and tune into the astral wavelengths, oh yeah..good luck and have Fun!

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Slava B.

Slava B. - A Singer / Songwriter and generally a nice guy from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire with a touch of distinctive vocal inspired by Rammstein. The initial idea was to combine Jazz and Rock genres with adding a heavy growl vocal into it.

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