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by I See Vultures

We are a new five piece from Leicester, UK. This is our first release and we're excited to put it out into the world. If you like it, keep tabs on our page as we have loads more to come throughout 2020

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Magic Fag

by The Off Beats

Hey, we are The Off Beats. We have our new EP Waste out now. Our single “have you got a burn for me” is a catchy tune. This song “Magic Fag” was written and then worked on for a year until finally released. We hope you enjoy!!

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Comprised of veteran members of long-established and respected names from the heavy music scene including Winterfylleth, Drowners, The Colour Line and Outspoken Silence, this is abrasive, high-energy punk’n’roll.

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Pretty Pistol

Raw, energetic garage punk. Combining melds of furious shouts, frenzied riffs and pummelling drums, Pretty Pistol produce a marshalled chaos somewhere between Gallows, Be Your Own Pet and The Kills.

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The Woodsman

No morals, no talent, just 3 utter c***s. The Woodsman were formed in the summer of 2018 from a desire to create dirty and disturbing music, forgoing the trappings of a bass player our music is simple, heavy, groovy, fuzzy, fast and fun.

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Operation Kino

Hey Guys, we're Operation Kino. We've released our new track A.T.D which will feature on our new EP. Our aim with this track was create something that would capture our live sound. Its one of the heaviest and most aggressive off the new record and leans heavily on our Mathcore influences.

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Foreign Flag

Here's our brand new single Brat! Sonically it's a fresh and insanely fast hardcore song which still retains it's bounce and catchiness. Lyrically it hits themes of addiction, alcohol and drug abuse. The track was Produced by Jay Russell of ACODA and son of Russ Russell (Napalm Death, SikTh).

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Dead By Monday

Glaswegian Punk Rockers DEAD BY MONDAY aim to stake their claim with the release of their debut EP, Almost Punk, out on Friday 27th July. The Scot punks have also just released a lyric video for the explosive track, Dead Souls

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