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Running Back 2 U

by Ten Eighty Trees

'Maybe I Like The Misery' is a five track exploration into the pressures and stress of modern living with a pitch of existential dread thrown in for good measure. 'Running Back 2 U' is the driving first of the EP!

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What You're Made Of

by WhiteRoomNightmare

Hi guys, this is my new single What You're Made Of which is an up-tempo pep talk for any of you agonising over whether or not to follow your dreams, particularly in the realms of making music. Ignore the haters and naysayers and do something you love. Never hide your light.

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Be My Queen

by Kovanta

formed in late 2019, eldest was 16 years old- youngest was 12 years old. 5 piece teenage band, recording their first EP. Heavily influenced by 80's/90's rock, we're literally a Covid formed band, we're still working hard creating new material

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All Mine

by Blue Stragglers

We are BLUE STRAGGLERS, and we unleash our new single and video, Reactor, on Friday 24th February, via Hassle Records. For now, please check out last single, All Mine.

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by Kittenhead

Hi from Kittenhead, a truly Californian band. Kittenhead plays prog-punk with a glam edge. Don't worry, Kittenhead will purr you to sway with our sly hooks and catchy lyrics.

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When It Began

by Pullstring

My name is Toke and I am a part of an alternative rock band called Pullstring. We recently dropped our album "All I Know Is What I've Seen" and its single "When It Began" is an optimistic rocker for those looking forward to better days.

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Keep It Going, Going, Going, Go!

by Rainbow Skull Party

Australian independent rock band Rainbow Skull Party is ecstatic to announce the release of our debut single, “Keep It Going, Going, Going, Go!”. Combining punk-rock energy with psychedelic sensibility, it blends pumping rhythms, charged vocals, and dreamy guitar mayhem.

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The Arsonist

by Cola Bay

Cola Bay are an alternative rock 5 piece based in Manchester, UK. Formed from the ashes of several well regarded previous bands, Cola Bay have burst on to the scene fully formed and with a substantial catalogue of catchy, grungy music and an energetic live show.

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Eenie Menie

by Def Daze

I can’t get rid of all that noise within my head. This deafening ceaseless buzz that never fades away. I hear them talk but can't really make out the words they say.

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Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

by Radio Aftermath

Radio Aftermath are an alternative rock band from Leeds, UK. The song is a short sharp blast of high energy and is the band’s first release this year foreshadowing their debut self-titled EP due this summer. Blink and you'll miss it, but you won't soon forget it. See you in the aftermath...

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Color Of Time

by Minai

"Color Of Time" An overwhelming excitement and a peaceful relief; "Color Of Time" is the leading single off our new EP "Love Has A Bitter Taste".

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by Heavy Broken Machines

Disruption is a riff laden, rock indie classic hook monster of a track with HBMs unmistakable distinctive sound!! The track describes “the needle is stuck” feeling the world finds itself in right now, and the need for constant disruption in life to question everything in life.

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Maudlin Paupin' Man

by Ryan R and the Repertoire

Hi, I'm Ryan. I've been writing songs and playing in bands since I was 13. I started playing clubs when I was 15, recording in studios at 16, and at 25 I packed up and moved to NYC, where I was in and out of bands for 15 years. Now, at 41, I'm back in Arizona and decided to "go solo" with buddies!

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by Vini Vicious

We are Vini Vicious, a Rack\Alt band from Tel-Aviv. "Vultures" was one of the last songs written during the sessions for Vini's upcoming EP 'Atelophobia', and its second single (full album out April 2022).

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Big Money

by Noiseheads

"Big Money," was the first track recorded with Steve Albini. He called it a rager after we played for him. This energetic, raw, and anthemic track shows our band going full steam ahead: There's no such thing as moderation. Overkill is just sedation.

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Finally An Escrow Jay

by Rudy G

Rudy G's debut single “Finally An Escrow Jay” exemplifies his powerful rock foundation, the sounds of alternative rock, punk, and hard rock, & strong original songwriting. Finally An Escrow Jay is a metaphor representing one making like a jaybird and flying away from the binding mold of complacency.

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Killing Me

by Hvnted

Hello everyone! We're Hvnted, a punk rock band from Los Angeles, and you're listening to Killing Me. A single off of our EP, recorded and mixed by Keith Nelson, lead guitarist of Buckcherry. Now go ahead and headbang like everyone's watching!

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Red Roses

by Rock-Criminals

We are four guys with positive attitude, and ready to take over the world with our rock n roll... We are Rock-Criminals! We wanna give you some kick ass tunes combined with sensible lyrics and deep meanings. That is how Red Roses was born and will be ready to be delivered for you!

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by Komodo Fox

Hi folks, we are Komodo Fox, a two-headed rock trio based in Berlin, and this is the second single from our debut EP. Pride is a song about dealing with the past and coming to terms with our experiences, good and bad. We hope you give it a spin and like it! Cheers, KF

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Hey!! We are VERSIVE, our new tune "November" just got released via Paper + Plastic Records. Alan Day of Four Year Strong invited us out to Massachusetts to record some music and this song was a result of it! I hope you enjoy it. We are loud, rumbustious and most importantly, honest in what they do.

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