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Beach Bum

by Death Roll

Death Roll is a combo of drippy surf rock riffs soaked over fierce hardcore punk! Beach bum is the first single and precursor to the debut album Pacific Terror dropping in August 2022!

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Los Pinche Pinches

What do wipeouts, spilled beers, and sun burns have in common? Nothing really, but they go great with the sounds of Los Pinches Pinches. It’s what you get if you had Dick Dale shredding over the quirky math rock of Arab on Radar. It’s surf rock for weirdos.

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Hi! We're Bus, a psych-punk band from Los Angeles. We've been rocking DIY venues around town for the past couple months and this is the third song we've released in anticipation of our debut EP coming later this fall. "Shubee" is a short and sweet surf jam, recorded live with no overdubs.

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