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Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway formed in 2005 on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, since then we have been playing non-stop across Australia and several DIY tours of Europe, America and Asia. Our 4th release "Piss~Up" is finally out (June 2018). We hope you like it,.

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Bad Fractals

We are here for the dispossessed and the disillusioned, the empowered and the energized. We are a rage of punk, a sweet breeze that whispers secret sins and spits in your face. We are junk and jewels, rocks hurled through windows, kisses that roll across skin.We are mockery and mayhem, BAD FRACTALS.

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The Elected Officials

The Elected Officials is an anarcho-hardcore punk band with former members of at least 15 other bands. EO delivers ripping hardcore punk rock with lyrics about corporate politics, big box stores, religious pundits, and oppression, we hope to inspire people to get up and do something.

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