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Create & Rebel

by The Sewer Cats

Hi all, we're The Sewer Cats, a punk duo from Manchester full of furry fury! 'Create & Rebel' is from our debut EP 'Zelda', released in April on Hell Hath No Fury Records. It's about rejecting the milestones society asks us to tick off and instead creating things just for the sake of it.

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Premium Healthscare

by Apathy Cycle

This is from our upcoming full length release (out 4/24). We wrote this song over 3 years ago and it seems more relevant today than ever!

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by Sour Steve

Hello! Here is one of the top tracks on my debut album, Age of Disconnection. EMP Over DC is a hardcore punk song that explores the futility of nuclear warfare in the United States.

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Punish the Poor

by Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

We're Who Killed Nancy Johnson? and this is our reading of what the Conservative Party manifesto is careful not to say.

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Fired For Partying.

by World War IX

Hello Pickup! World War IX here. Do you like slap in your face, hook filled, humor driven punk rock?! Well so do we, and we just so happen to have a brand new 5 song 10" out that we think YOU will enjoy. We've been around for a few COUGH years and, we're having more fun than ever!

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Gumiho 구미호

We are Gumiho 구미호 based out of Seoul, Korea. We are three foreigners and a local Korean as our lead singer. The name Gumiho comes from an old Korean legend about fox spirits called gumihos that would pose as beautiful women, seduce men, and then eat their livers.

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Slow Cooker

Hi. We're SLOW COOKER and we're set to release our debut album "Do A Kickflip" on Drug Party Tapes. We're channelling garage rock through the erratic energy of early hardcore punk. Sweaty, manic, weird punk flowing like a house party in reverse.

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The Muslims

Yo! We're The Muslims, a thrashy, hard-hitting punk band bringing political humor and tender rage to both halal and haram punks everywhere. We play a mix of classic, hardcore and afropunk influenced stuff. We're just a bunch of cuddly, angry ass, rabid raccoons okay.

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Hot Ham & Cheese

Hey all...we are Hot Ham & Cheese from Cleveland, OH. This is the new single from our latest album The Onions Have Eyes. It's also the sequel to our 2006 track "Cocaine Billy". Pretty much straight-forward, old school punk at its core. We hope you dig it!

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Los Pinche Pinches

What do wipeouts, spilled beers, and sun burns have in common? Nothing really, but they go great with the sounds of Los Pinches Pinches. It’s what you get if you had Dick Dale shredding over the quirky math rock of Arab on Radar. It’s surf rock for weirdos.

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Born of a mutual love for Trailer Park Boys and The Matrix, our music is a dirty stew of whacked out prog and punk-inspired minimalism. Our latest, Zephyranthes III, dips into the dimebag to find a handful of radioactive sonic nuggets.

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The Tar Sands

Hi I'm Scott Martin! I'm the singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, just everything for The Tar Sands. I got sick of playing with people who didn't wanna play rowdy fuzzed out garage punk so I DIY'd My debut album, Unfiltered is all me, and all dirty, greasy, gross tones & themes. Enjoy!

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Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid Jammers

Hey, we're Jim Jones and the Kool-aid Jammers from Newfoundland, Canada. We play catchy surf punk and write about everything from dead people to aliens. We've been a band for almost 2 years and are about to release out second album called "instant cult classic".

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Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

We're Who Killed Nancy Johnson? We stand at the front when you're playing and at the back when the small talk starts. 'Pretending to Like People' is what happens when we try to make conversation.

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Happily Ever Blind

Genre defying dirty rock'n trio from Helsinki Finland. Taking you through an aural journey of musical displeasure and inspiring free thought!

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Dangerous punk rock! Slovenians is a Belgian punk rock band from Brussels, active since 2012.

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Killer Wails

They have the grime and guts of Screaching Weasel, with the nerdy charm and wittiness from the Jello Biafra era of the Dead Kennedys. They've played enough shows around Quebec and Ontario to make them a household name, while opening for bands like Cancer Bats, The Isotopes and The Murderburgers.

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We're NUGGIEZ, a noise-punk act inspired equally by old school hardcore, post-punk and noise rock. We're based on the peripheries of Auckland's punk rock scene, in the North Island of New Zealand. Our new EP covers the ominous implications of late-capitalism through 5 tracks.

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Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway formed in 2005 on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, since then we have been playing non-stop across Australia and several DIY tours of Europe, America and Asia. Our 4th release "Piss~Up" is finally out (June 2018). We hope you like it,.

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Bad Fractals

We are here for the dispossessed and the disillusioned, the empowered and the energized. We are a rage of punk, a sweet breeze that whispers secret sins and spits in your face. We are junk and jewels, rocks hurled through windows, kisses that roll across skin.We are mockery and mayhem, BAD FRACTALS.

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