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Shark Week

by Yeah Sure

This absolute banger is the last track from our first EP, "Sasquatch Ain't Hidden." It's a concept album about getting stoned with Sasquatch, out February 15th, 2021. It will be available everywhere then, but I can send a link to a private bandcamp page before the album comes out. Thanks!

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Every Week, Autonomy

by Jude Joseph

I'm Jude, an Australian folk punk artist/member of This is a Robbery (Chris Burrows' current band). This track's about burnout and losing the drive to fight late capitalism when you're an anarchist drug fiend. I recorded + released the album in one night on a $0 budget, hope ya enjoy!

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Dad Nap

Hi there, I'm Strong but I also go by Dad sometimes, I have this one man DIY Folk Punk band called Dad Nap, I just put out a new EP called 'Worn out' that I'm really proud of. I sing about modern politics and inequality and i also sing about the human condition and love.

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Cousin Boneless

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, we play manic ghostly street punk and are rooted strongly in the Americana and street folk scenes. Yes, not your usual cup'o tea.

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Hey! We are RENT STRIKE, a Lansing, MI based folk punk band. Earlier this year, we released a sprawling Lord of the Rings folk-punk-rock-opera, a retelling of the story with a focus on themes of addiction, isolation, and redemption. It's heavy on metaphor, but also irreverent, fun, and accessible!

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