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BLANK is a Negative Hardcore band from Solingen (Germany) founded in 2011. We have released four records and played over a 100 shows in Europe and the US so far. Our new album just dropped on Holy Goat Records.

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New EP from a new band. Based in the midlands. Recorded with Ian Boult (Basement, repentance etc.) Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Aiming to get heads banging.

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We're Sectioned from Edinburgh and we're a Diana Ross cover band. This is our debut album Annihilated and it does what it says on the tin. The full album will be available at the end of April. Cover your ears and run.

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They Live | We Sleep

We are They Live | We Sleep a five piece band from South Wales, a project that was created to vent some aggression and energy that would otherwise be turned inwards. The debut album Self Harm is an unrelenting 5 track clocking in at under 10 minutes

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Trespasser are a 4 piece progressive hardcore band from the UK. Tackling political issues via a fusion of hardcore/ punk & thrash. Our DNA is made up of fast, relentless big riffs & passionate lyrics & vocals. We have a total disregard for what is "current" and/ or "fashionable". We are what we are

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