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Writers Block

by Minimal Damage

We mix Ska, Punk and Reggae. Sometimes frantic, sometimes chilled, sometimes political, sometimes personal. This song is about bands singing the same old songs about the same old topics and thereby conforming to "non conformity". Everything we released is available to download for FREE!

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New Vibration


Hi, we're King Prawn, our new single 'New Vibration' is the first release on our own label Inna Rut Records. Musically, it's anthemic and less Ska Punk than some of the songs we're known for. Lyrically it's a commentary on the polarised and troubled times we live in and a vision of a better future.

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Sit still

by King Punch

Hello world! We are King Punch and this is our latest track 'Sit Still' from our new E. P. 'Divide and Conga'. It's us what we love doing most: playing hard, having fun and sweating profusely.

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